Before I die in Quebec City

Before I die in Quebec City

Avant de mourir, je veux… are words that have been repeated a few times on a wall, on Thursday,
in front of dozens of curious people grouped on the sidewalk at the entrance of the Théâtre de la Bordée.

Avantdemourir_WallThe concept (Before I Die) started in 2011 in New-Orleans and is now occupying more than 250 walls in over 40 countries.

This wave came for the first time this Thursday in Quebec City in the Saint-Roch neighbourhood.

It is nice to see some people writing funny things while some others took this more seriously.

For the project instigator, Elise Rousseau, the event had to be held in Saint-Roch and not in Old-Quebec, since there would be too many tourists.

The wall has to be the mirror of the community.
This form of urban art is a good way to create and communicate ideas.

The 8 x 8 feet black board will be on the corner of Saint-Joseph Est Street and Dorchester until September 28th.

The City has been very strict and allowed the project to last only 45 days, and not one day more.

The wall is already filled with chalk writing in only one night. Pictures will be taken regularly before erasing the surface and start the creation over again.
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