BeOrigin gin Quebec launch

BeOrigin gin Quebec launch

By Bernard Giroux

Franck Sergerie has a vision… and a nose.

It is indeed a vision of flavors and aromas, in which a bit of science (or sorcery) comes into play to produce spirits.

His vision started to take form a couple of years ago, when he began experimenting with a small copper pot still to make gin.

Over what became an entrepreneurial journey, he came up with his own recipe that is now known as BeOrigin, and which will very soon appear in the SAQ catalogue.

Start of course with juniper berries, add in some lac Saint-Jean blueberries and local birch bark, balance with rose petals, lavender, citrus zests and coriander, and you get an insight of what you will taste when you will bring BeOrigin to your lips.

As tasters could note at the launch held on Nov 1st at Vice & Vertu Distillerie in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, the gin is quite smooth and subtle on its own.

To quote Franck “it’s a good night cap”, and I couldn’t agree more.

Attendees also had the chance to appreciate three colorful and tasty cocktails elaborated by Monsieur Cocktail (recipes available on Vice & Vertu web site), and pair these with superb bouchées prepared by Funky Foodies.

All in all, a successful and even promising event.

Vice & Vertu Distillerie indeed has plans to add vodka and whisky to its offering, and even absinthe in the longer term.

Franck’s small pot still recently gave way to two full-scale copper pot stills, column stills and condenser that open up possibilities for the distiller’s creative mind.

Spirit enthusiasts should thus watch for Vice & Vertu products at SAQ, but also consider visiting the distillery in Saint-Augustin (the first in Québec’s area), which should be possible in the upcoming months after Québec’s legislation finally allows micro-distillers to sells their products on site.

Vice & Vertu Distillerie
15 rue de Rotterdam, local 11,
Saint-Augustin, QC


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