Bicycle Safety Report Due Soon

Bicycle Safety Report Due Soon

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 May 2015 – A group of different cyclist clubs headed up by Louis Garneau is in the process of studying what can be done to improve on bicycle safety for cyclists and motorists alike.

The study has looked at new rules for cyclists, such as banning cell phone use while riding, imposing fines for jumping stop signs and all security laws, riding side by side in urban areas, and whether or not bikes can ride in reserved bus lanes and or sidewalks.

The answer for bus lanes and sidewalks will be no, as for riding along side each other, the practice would only be acceptable in rural areas but even then a cyclist would be expected to pull into a single file formation when an automobile approaches.

Other issues came up such as wearing headphones while riding and the question of following vehicles too closely which causes havoc for drivers and cyclists due to abrupt stops by either party. The wearing of helmets, as we mentioned in a previous article, will not be made mandatory.

Drivers will also be fined for such things as opening car doors in front of a cyclist, and passing too closely to a person riding a bicycle.

The question of fines also came into play. Some say cyclists should be fined for infractions the same way drivers are, with others saying the fines should be less because the consequences are most likely inferior to what an automobile could cause in damages.

A final report will be published this fall with details outlining the new rules for cyclists and drivers. The minister of Transport Robert Poëti set up the committee, presided by M. Louis Garneau to improve on the Code de la sécurité Routiere so that cyclists and drivers can share the roadways in a respectful and orderly fashion.

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