Big hole in the road on the avenue Briand

Big hole in the road on the avenue Briand

Main pic: Pothole in Villeray, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Photo credit: Miguel Tremblay
The hole in the road at avenue Briand is much larger – a car practically got lost in it.

Avoid driving on avenue Briand in Quebec City – unless you want to lose your car down one of the biggest potholes you’re ever likely to see.

A major water main break occurred on Briand Avenue, near Grande Allée in Quebec City over the weekend.

Following this incident, a huge hole has formed in the pavement on this road and a car almost fell in.

The extent of damage is not yet known, however an underground garage was flooded.

Municipal employees were busy over the weekend making the necessary repairs and motorists should therefore avoid the area until further notice.

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