Biggest snowball fight ever

Biggest snowball fight ever

Quebec City is looking to hold the largest ever snowball fight in history.

Come on people, let’s help make this happen…

snowballThe idea is to beat the old Guinness record that was established in Seattle last winter where 5,834 participants showed up to throw at least one snowball in the direction of their adversary.

It will all go down on the Plains of Abraham on February 1st between noon and 4 o’clock and is all part of the Quebec Winter Carnival activities. This will be the first time that the event takes place and the organizers are looking to find 6,000 willing snowballers to make it happen. They need 1,500 people to register from the start which should encourage others to sign up once the momentum gets going.

The event will be called “La guerre des ducs” metaphorically named after the successful Quebec movie, “La Guerre des Tuques”. With the right publicity and organization it should be quite the show and it will all be filmed and documented by the Guinness team in order to qualify.

Anyone can partake as long as they are over 18 years of age and can make a nice round snowball. A special sticky snow will be available just in case it’s too cold. The organizers are asking for a $15 entrance fee which will include the price of a “Bonhomme” effigy, good for the whole carnival, and would like the contestants to wear clothes from the ‘80’s era if at all possible. It is imperative also that all those involved have some sort of protective helmet; whether it be a ski, hockey, bike or snowboarder helmet doesn’t matter. They will also be required to wear a pair of protective glasses which will most probably be supplied by the organizers.

If enough people sign up it should be quite the spectacular snow fight. It could even become the true battle of the Plains of Abraham.

If interested contact the Carnaval de Quebec, through their website.
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