Bike helmets good idea, but not compulsory

Bike helmets good idea, but not compulsory

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 May 2015 – In a recent press conference held by the Québec minister of Transport, Robert Poëti it was decided that the government would not proceed with a law to enforce people to wear a helmet when riding a bike.

While speaking to a group of cyclists who are involved in the organisation of a bike event called Tour de silence, (A silent ride) which commemorates the past year’s cyclists who died from accidents, M. Poëti reiterated that the government will not oblige its participants to wear a helmet. There were supporters of a law and others opposed, at the meeting. M. Louis Garneau himself was also one of the participants.

For the time being, “we will leave the decision up to the riders themselves as to whether or not they want to wear a helmet” M. Poëti declared. Explaining that Québécois are intelligent enough and have ample common sense to realize that a helmet could save their lives, it was not necessary for the government to force them to do so M. Poëti went on to say. Some municipalities however have their own law concerning the wearing of a helmet.

The government will keep campaigning to promote awareness to drivers and cyclists alike to try and share the roads together and have a mutual respect.

At the same time M. Poëti profited from the occasion to mention that the decrease in the number of deaths for cyclists in Quebec was encouraging underling that there was a 45% reduction between 2013 and 2014. In 2013 the number of deaths was 19 as compared to last year’s figure of 11.

The Tour de silence takes place in 24 towns and cities across Quebec on May 20.

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