Bike thefts on the rise in Quebec

Bike thefts on the rise in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 July 2015 – According to recent statistics the number of bicycles being stolen in the city of Quebec has increased by 37% from 2013 to 2014. The normal number of bikes that disappear from their owners during the summer months is around 500, and the figures for 2014 exemplify that number. These figures are based on reported thefts but, police reiterate that not all bike thefts are reported to the authorities, thus the number is probably far greater.

Bicycles are stolen more frequently in densely populated areas like downtown and in Limoilou where there is a more acute concentration of people.

It is very difficult for police to find and recuperate stolen or lost bicycles and very few are returned to their original owners. Expensive bikes are noticed by would-be thieves and they will survey such a bike and its rider until an opportunity arises when they can strike and be off quickly with their prize.

Sometimes a bike will be found at a pawnshop or used bike dealer but, it is rare and the storeowner is not held responsible because the bike probably had its serial number erased or changed so the shop cannot verify its origins.
Police say there is no known bicycle stealing network in the city and that most thefts are random.

Police recommend a quality “U” shaped lock as the best protection and suggest that the frame be attached and not just the front wheel, when securing the bicycle to a rack or solid structure.

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