Bill 14 Petition – Time to Mobilise

Bill 14 Petition – Time to Mobilise

Submitted by Matthew Anderson

As you may or may not know, our fearless provincial government lead by Mme. Marois has proposed a bill that, if passed into law, would redefine the charter of rights in Quebec and eliminate “temporary” certificates which are presently issued to military parents who wish to send their children to an English school (even though, under Law 101, they have not attended English school in Quebec).

This option is one that many military parents have opted for, considering that they are most likely going to be posted for part of their careers in other English-speaking provinces in Canada or abroad. Allowing their children to be educated in English, while maintaining their French language and culture at home, gives their children a fighting chance at bilingualism in light of a potential military posting.

Bill 14 proposes that these temporary certificates be eliminated as of 2013 meaning that all children with temporary certificates would have to switch into French school. Obviously, this would have a significant impact on families and the students themselves but would also mean a significant drop in the number of students attending English schools in Quebec, leading to school closings. Since schools receive funding per the number of students attending their school, it means reduced services for ALL students attending English schools and, ultimately, immense job losses in the English sector. At Dollard-Des-Ormeaux School, for instance, being so near a military base, more than half of the students would lose their right to attend.

It is a Bill with dire consequences. Therefore, I am asking you to support the growing number of Quebecois who oppose Bill 14 by signing the online petition at the link below:

English version:

French version:


Please share this information and the petition links with as many people as possible.

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