Bill Gates, will you come and paint our bridge?

Bill Gates, will you come and paint our bridge?

Main pic: Bill Gates at the 2012 World Economic Forum. Photo credit; Paolo Henrique / World Economic Forum

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 November 2014 – The half painted Quebec Bridge that’s getting so much media coverage these days may just get finished after all.

Mayor Labeaume and his crew discovered that the famous Bill Gates is a major shareholder of Canadian National Railways, the owners of the structure. Mr. Gates owns a good number of shares in CN.

The mayor’s team consequently sent an e-mail off to Mr. Gates asking him if perhaps, out of a civil duty, he could convince CN to finish the job which was stopped in 2005.

The reasoning behind the proposal is not all that futile. When major shareholders present projects to their parent companies, the company usually listens. Of course an answer won’t come tomorrow, but the mayor is confident something will transpire, even if it’s a negative response, the mayor can say “At least we tried.”

The e-mail reaches out to Bill Gates explaining that the bridge is a national historic site leading to a designated World Heritage City.

It also states that the bridge is an important heritage for the cities of Lévis and Québec without mentioning that the bridge is maintained and administered by the Canadian Government.

The mayor reiterated his desire to fight the CN until the bridge is painted and hopes that the letter to Mr. Gates will have some influence on somebody somewhere.

Bill Gates is well known as a serious philanthropist but, will he have enough interest or sympathy to spend some of CN’s cash on painting a bridge?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, do you have a spare paintbrush and a couple of hours of free time?

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