Bloc investigating possible Martine Ouellet leadership race violation

Bloc investigating possible Martine Ouellet leadership race violation

Despite having yet to formally file her nomination papers, Martine Ouellet has already been audited for possible breaches of the Bloc Québécois’s leadership rules race.

Several members of the Bloc were surprised to receive a promotional email this week from the now independent MNA for Vachon.

“The Bloc Québécois leadership race is launched. […] The Bloc Québécois must prepare for the independence of Québec and create favorable conditions for its realization. To do this, we need you. You can contribute to the victory of Martine Ouellet,” one could read.

The message drew the attention of the election president of the Bloc, Pierre Bouchard.

The rules of the leader race are clear: candidates for the Bloc throne cannot get access to the membership list until they formally deposit their nomination papers.

“We’re not happy. I received the email myself,” he told the press. “This list is confidential,” he insists.
Mr. Bouchard immediately began a verification process. “We presume that it’s the list of members. We look at where it can come from, with the means of investigation that we have.”

The sanctions for breaking the rules are, however, determined by the Bloc’s National Office, chaired by Mario Beaulieu.

Ouellet defends herself. “Martine Ouellet did not have access to the list of members,” said her spokesperson, Camille Goyette-Gingras.

She insists that it is a general list that was created over time and that the Ms. Ouellet will follow the rules.

Martine Ouellet’s only declared competitor, Felix Pinel, was also surprised to discover his rival’s promotional letter in his inbox earlier this week.

Since an investigation is underway, he prefers to wait for conclusions before commenting. Still, he believes that this leadership campaign is “not starting in the best way.”

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