Bloc Québécois Website Hacked by “United Islamic Cyber Force”

Bloc Québécois Website Hacked by “United Islamic Cyber Force”

Quebec 9 March 2015 – A group calling themselves the “United Islamic Cyber Force” has hacked the Bloc Québécois website today.  The hacking was first noticed at around 11AM and news quickly spread.

The hacked page, featuring red text over a black background, seems to support the terrorist organisation Daesh (also known as “ISIS” or “ISIL”), calling for invasions of the Arabian Peninsula, Persia, and then Rome.  In a Twitter statement released minutes after the hacking was first noticed, the party said it was working to remove the page.  A few hours after the hacking – around 1PM – the Bloc Québécois was able to take the page down.

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