Blues rock sensation Melissa Etheridge lights up Quebec City’s Le Capitole Theatre

Blues rock sensation Melissa Etheridge lights up Quebec City’s Le Capitole Theatre

Melissa Etheridge, This is M.E. Solo Tour, Capitole Theatre, Quebec City, Weds 23 Sept, 2015. Photo credit: Caroline Fournier.

Cancer survivor, gay rights activist, Hollywood Walk of Famer, Grammy Award winner, singer, songwriter, accomplished musician, parent… the list could go on.

American rocker Melissa Etheridge is well known for her gravelly, raspy voice that is a perfect match for her blues / folk rock style of music.

She has a large fan base in Quebec and 1,000+ were out in force this past Wednesday for her one-off performance at the Capitole Theatre in Quebec City as part of her This is M.E. Solo tour.

After beginning the show with Aint it Heavy Etheridge, who was warm an engaging throughout, immediately got the audience on side with a bit of a French and a killer anecdote.

‘Maintenant je parle English. That’s it, that’s all I know’, she informed us.

Much to the delight of the audience she recounted a story of her ancestors on her fathers side. Turns out they’re from Quebec City. ‘So, hey family, I’m home. How y’a doin?’, she asked.

The show was an intimate affair, just the artist on stage with a few guitars (I counted at least 8 and they were all used at some point during the evening), a piano, harmonica, a drum, a small sound system and a tambourine.

This was a one woman show. She told us ‘It’s just me up here. Me, solo, so if there’s any mistakes, it’s me.’ 

Throughout the evening, over the course of the 15 tracks, we got a rundown of Etheridge’s career.

She switched effortlessly from one guitar to another mid-song on a couple of occasions.

Monster and Like a Preacher, material from the new album This is M.E. were well received, but it was the older tracks that got the crowd on their feet. I Want to Come Over and Come to My Window had many singing and dancing in the aisles.

The piano was used for two songs, one of which a beautiful cover of Joan Armatrading‘s ‘The Weakness in Me.

The last song of the regular set Bring me Some Water earned a long, deafening standing ovation.

The crowd weren’t done though, loudly chanting MORE, MORE – they weren’t ready to go home.

Etheridge duly obliged, saving the best until last, returning for an encore with a spine-tingling rendition of Like the Way I Do.

Although the evening had the warm feeling of a family affair, and the artist was happy to be back amongst her ancestors, there were a couple of moments that two fans may want to forget. Etheridge is a strong woman and one who knows her limits should be respected. She’s earnt that. One fan wanted a kiss, and another was up close to the stage toward the end to take a photo (the tickets clearly stated no photos during the performance) – the first was rebuffed, the second drew a wry look.

The setlist in full:

Ain’t it Heavy, Similar Features, Yes I am, Chrome Plated Heart, I Want to Come Over, How Would I Know, I Wan to be In Love, Like a Preacher, Come to My Window, Let Me Go, Weakness in Me, Monster, I’m the Only One, and Bring Me Some Water.


Like the Way I Do

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