Boisgomin Student Residence Announces Bursary for Syrian Refugees

Boisgomin Student Residence Announces Bursary for Syrian Refugees

Three students from persecuted minorities will receive room and board and tuition.

Quebec City, October 22, 2015: Boisgomin Student Residence announced recently that it is raising funds for bursaries of 15,000$ per student for three Syrian refugees to be able to stay at the residence and pursue their studies in Quebec City.

The announcement comes as a response to the growing crisis in Syria, a country from which 4 million people have fled and in which another 4 million have been displaced from their homes.

Boisgomin is a student centre and residence that helps students to strive for excellence in their studies and develop their human potential on all levels. To this end, Boisgomin offers a varied range of activities and services:

• Residence for students attending college or university
• Social welfare projects to help people in need for young people aged 14-30
• Access to study and computer rooms
• Contact with the academic and business world through courses and lectures on current topics
• Access to courses for those who wish to deepen their spiritual development and knowledge of the Catholic faith

Participation in specific activities is voluntary and the residence is non-denominational, according to the lay philosophy of the members of Opus Dei who set up Boisgomin as a contribution to enriching the postsecondary experience of students in Quebec City.

“We have already hosted two Syrian students over the past three years and the experience has been very positive. Their country is in a shambles and over two million students have been unable to attend classes,” says Patrick Duffley, director of Boisgomin.

“We have three possible candidates from the city of Aleppo, young people who will arrive in Canada with refugee status in a few months. In order to receive them, we have to raise 15,000$ per refugee. This is huge, and beyond our current means, so we need your help.”

If you can help financially here is a link to make an on-line donation:

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