Bomb Threat at Quebec Hospital

Bomb Threat at Quebec Hospital

Bomb Threat at Hôtel Dieu Hospital, Quebec City.

Quebec City (Quebec) September 8, 2014 – At 10:30 Sunday night a bomb threat was made to Quebec City’s oldest hospital, on Côte du Palais, causing the evacuation of several patients who were in triage in the corridors of the old building.

Oddly enough, the bomb scare was initiated from inside the hospital itself. Two women, who had arrived by ambulance, were waiting in the emergency ward when they started discussing something and then left together to use the washroom. The call to 9-1-1 alerting the police to the presence of a bomb in the hospital was made from the washroom at the same time, probably from a cell phone which was easily retraceable.

Two women are currently in custody and should be questioned in due course.

The hospital has a specific protocol for bomb threats and the security team was quick to react, evacuating all patients who were waiting, outside into the parking lot. The more severe cases which were on stretchers were moved to the sixth floor in a secure section of the building.

All ambulances with any emergencies were immediately redirected to other hospitals in the area and up until half past midnight the search for any bomb or firearms was still going on. The whole area was cordoned off and will stay that way until the bomb squad from the Quebec City police department has finished their search and evaluation.

Fortunately, Sunday night is usually a quieter time for emergency wards allowing the procedures to be handled without too much interference.

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