Bonhomme Carnaval to be “Made in China”

Bonhomme Carnaval to be “Made in China”

Quebec City (Quebec) October 2, 2014 – That little effigy that gets you into all the Carnaval activities during the month of February will be coming all the way from China this year. For the first time in its history the plastic Bonhomme will not be made by a local company which we’re sure is going to cause some negative remarks from the local citizens, and rightly so. The effigy this year incorporates a light which allows it to be illuminated, much like the Summer Festival button this past summer.

Up until now, and for the last 25 years, the mascot effigy was being made by a small company in St. Jean Port Joli, just down river from Quebec City, which made him a purely Québecois. It’s a sign of the times and unfortunately there is no local company who can incorporate a light into the figurine with the new technology available elsewhere for the same price. A total of 130,000 figurines of the little Bnhomme are on order.

The Quebec Company, Distribution Teknolight (a one person operation) in charge of the procurement, says it looked everywhere in the province but by using Alibaba software was able to find a company in China who could make and ship the product in time for its regular availability date.

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