Book review: A Short History of Quebec

Book review: A Short History of Quebec

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A Short History of Quebec
By Dr. Ed Whitcomb
Priced $7.95
Published by From Sea to Sea

History is a remarkably divisive issue here in Quebec, and very often people of all political alignments tend to lament that more would agree with their point of view if only they “knew their history”.

Short_History_of_QuebecWell, if anything, this book will vindicate no one.

Dr. Whitcomb presents a surprisingly thorough overview of Quebec’s history that can be read in an afternoon, succinctly covering the nuances of our history with refreshing political neutrality. The author begins with the prehistoric arrival of the First Nations and expertly covers everything from French settlement until the 1995 Referendum, with emphasis on Quebec’s often-less-well-known modern era.

Readers who have nothing more than a vague recollection of smattered bits of Quebec history won’t find themselves lost, as the book really feels like a true “Quebec History 101”, minus all the awkwardness of high school that tends to go with it.

Incredibly useful for anyone either wishing to solidify their understanding of Quebec’s history or simply looking to increase their understanding of the origins of Quebec’s unique culture, “A Short History of Quebec” is a handy handbook.

Costing less than some smart phone apps, it’s affordable and I’d recommend it as a “Welcome to Quebec” gift for newcomers to the province.

Review by Ara Lee Tassoni

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