Book Review: Aging Backwards – Reverse the Aging Process 9780345814081

Book Review: Aging Backwards – Reverse the Aging Process 9780345814081

LiQ_Mag_July_2015_CoverThis review first appeared in the July 2015 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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Review by Rosanna Haroutounian

Aging Backwards: Reverse the Aging Process and Look 10 Years Younger in 30 Minutes a Day
By Miranda Esmonde-White
ISBN 9780345814081
CAN $32.00
Random House of Canada

LiQ_Mag_Sub_BannerMontrealer Miranda Esmonde-White, former ballerina for the National Ballet Company and host of the PBS program Classical Stretch, shares her tips for healthy aging in Aging Backwards.

Though everyone ages, we don’t need to feel the effects of what Esmonde-White calls aging myths: slow metabolism, wrinkles, joint pain and disease. Using Esmonde-White’s Essentrics stretching program – a combination of stretching, tai chi, and physiotherapy – people can prevent and even reverse these conditions.

In the first part of the book, she breaks down the aging process and explains why we need to move our muscles to keep our cells from wasting away. She also uses simple metaphors and examples to describe common physical ailments.

The workouts are described in the second part, separated according to specific goals, such as achieving good posture, speeding up weight loss and relieving pain. Each exercise is explained using photos and instructions.

Esmonde-White is not a doctor but has done her research and cites the sources she uses. Throughout the book, she emphasizes that Essentrics can be done by everyone, without equipment, and is a “no pain, all pleasure” workout. The workouts are still challenging, and as with any new exercise, practice makes perfect.

Review by Rosanna Haroutounian



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