Book Review: Legacy – How French Canadians shaped North America

Book Review: Legacy – How French Canadians shaped North America

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Title: Legacy – How French Canadians shaped North America
Authors: Various, edited by André Pratte and Jonathan Kay
ISBN: 9780771072390
Price: $35.00
Publisher: Signal

Review by Simon C. Thalheim

Did you know you can find traces of French heritage from Louisiana to the Prairies?

Back in the time of New France, many French explorers conquered the wilds of Canada in the name of the king.

Over the years and centuries that followed, their descendants helped shape North America as it is today.

Legacy: How French Canadians Shaped North America traces the path of French Canadians who have made their marks in exploration, journalism, politics, literature and sports, among other fields.

This book looks back on the lives of many influential people, including explorer Pierre de la Vérendrye, missionary Albert Lacombe, 19th-century Los Angeles mayor Prudent Beaudry, Father of Confederation Sir George-Étienne Cartier, journalist and MNA Henri Bourassa, former governor general Georges Vanier, feminist Thérèse Casgrain, author Gabrielle Roy, TV chef Jehane Benoît, Habs goalie Jacques Plante and Québécois-American author Jack Kerouac.

This 352-page collection of biographies, edited by Sen. André Pratte and Walrus editor-in-chief Jonathan Kay, is clearly a labour of love and an education for anyone interested in learning more about North America’s French heritage.



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