Book review: Liminal Lights by J.M. Bogart

Book review: Liminal Lights by J.M. Bogart

Liminal Lights
Author: J.M. Bogart
ISBN: 9781928133070
Retail Price: $12.99
Publisher: Morning Rain Publishing

Review by Julie Doucette

Even if you are well past the age of believing in fairies and magic this will be a delightful read.

Told from the point of view of Bean (a Liminal – not to be confused with a fairy, Liminals are somewhat different), we embark on Bean’s journey to cultivate and preserve the magic energy that the Liminal race so desperately need to survive. Bean and her kind must also confront the shadows (the not so nice creatures within their own kind). But in the middle of all this is a young girl named Nadia. She is the one that Bean must cultivate energy from. The Liminals have always stayed hidden from humans, bound by their own rules but these are desperate times and Nadia wields a powerful, different kind of magical energy.

In her first book of the trilogy the author J.M. Bogart (who lives just outside of Montreal) lays the groundwork for what is to come. The book ends in a place where the reader doesn’t feel cheated but content and eager for the second book.

I loved the themes played out in this novel. Good versus Evil, the complexities of patience, growing up gifted, elements of trust… and plenty more to discover on your own.

It’s a quick read, easily done in one or two sittings. Perfect for getting lost within its pages while on a commute or in a hammock with dappled sunlight coming through the trees. This would also make a great gift to offer a young reader… and perhaps borough afterwards 😉

I’d consider this a Young Adult, middle grade urban fantasy but still accessible for the older reader who enjoys fantasy and hasn’t quite yet lost their sense of wonder and imagination.

On a last note, when I read a novel, I also read the copyright page as well as acknowledgements. You may find this funny, but it gives me a little insight into the author, especially if it is the first time I read them. In this particular case, Bogart cites “no Liminals were harmed in the writing of this book”; that little detail put a smile on my face and I thought; she’s quirky, I think I’ll like this… and I did !

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