Book Review: Little Fox, Lost by Nicole Snitselaar

Book Review: Little Fox, Lost by Nicole Snitselaar

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Title: Little Fox, Lost
Author: Nicole Snitselaar
ISBN: 9781772780048
Price: $16.95
Publisher: Pajama Press

Review by Lorie Pierce

Known for her imaginative use of animals in storytelling, Belgian-born Nicole Snitselaar has created a charming tale about a scary thought. What if you went out with your mother one day and got lost? In this case, an exuberant little fox, playing in the snow, loses sight of his mother.

A chance encounter with a wise old owl helps the baby fox calm down enough to remember something important: his mother had taught him a song about what to do if the two were ever separated. All he has to do is stay still and she will find him. The story ends with the greatly relieved mother and baby cuddling together in a safe den as snow falls gently beyond.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Venezuelan artist Alicia Padrón. There are no scary creatures or dark threatening corners in these woods, just soft fluffy snow and the most adorable animals you can imagine.

Author Nicole Snitselaar, a mother herself, published her first children’s book in 2007.

Little Fox, Lost was originally published in French in 2013 as Petit renard se perd, and was translated by Erin Woods.


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Lorie is a native Torontonian who has also lived in Calgary and Vancouver. Over the years, she has enjoyed an eclectic work background including positions as a town planner, volunteer co-ordinator, medical researcher, hydrotherapy teacher and museum tour guide. She also sold wands in Diagon Alley.

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