Book review: Looptail

Book review: Looptail

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By Bruce Poon Tip
Priced $29.99
Published by Harper Collins

Born in Trinidad from Chinese parents, Bruce Poon Tip had all the odds stacked against him when his parents moved to Calgary in the late 1960s. At age 12 he started a paper route and, as he was a natural born leader with obvious entrepreneurship skills, there was no looking back. His first paper route quickly became three.

LooptailIn 1990, having travelled the world several times, he decided to start a company like no other. Maybe he was in the right place at the right time, but he saw an opportunity and maxed out his credit cards to start G Adventures. This has become one of the most successful adventure tour companies in the world.

With spiritual guidance from the Dalai Lama, and a driven desire to succeed, Bruce’s company was grossing around $80 million a year at the last count.

Fending off buyers and non-believers, Bruce surrounded himself with people who think like him, all with the intent of keeping everyone happy even in a crisis. He gives new meaning to the word mayor, to the acronym CEO and has even changed the term ‘Head Office’ to ‘Base Camp’.

Looptail is a high energy page turner for anyone who likes to use adventure and business in the same sentence.

A business book like no other.

Review by Job Patstone

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