Book Review: Serial Monogamy ISBN: 9780385685627

Book Review: Serial Monogamy ISBN: 9780385685627

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Title: Serial Monogamy
Author: Kate Taylor
ISBN: 9780385685627
Price: $32.00
Publisher: Doubleday Canada

Review by Nathalie Peron

In her third novel, Serial Monogamy, Canadian novelist and journalist Kate Taylor skillfully merges two stories and manages to illustrate coupledom in its glorious highs and depressing, heart-shattering lows.

In one story, a 21st-century woman is dealing with her husband’s affair and with her own cancer diagnosis; in the other story, we meet the young mistress of a middle-aged Charles Dickens.

Taylor’s narration is sharp and sincere yet captivating, and the reader is quickly pulled along for the just-fast-enough ride.

The characters (even the cheating husband!) are real, vivid and engaging, allowing the reader to create ties with them despite, or perhaps because of, their flaws.

Through this agile narrative, the continual changes in story are effortless and welcome and help build anticipation for what is to come.

There is redemption on all sides; there is a possibility for change, for forgiveness, for peace and for love, no matter the time period. There are beautiful scenes, both of raw emotions and reserve.

Ultimately, there is the reality of sharing life with another, in sickness and in health, in love and in anger, in loss and in forgiveness.

Taylor’s novel is most definitely worth the read.


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Nathalie Peron

Naturalized Quebec City citizen, Nathalie has studied in literature and as a paralegal, the latter stemming a career she has strived in for the past 10 years, notably in workers’ compensation cases. Artistically inclined, she has acted in amateur theatre for 25 years and has lately added singing to her amateur CV. She now stretches her professional wings to writing, both corporate and creative texts, hoping to meld both her artistic and legal personalities.

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