Book review: Shamrocks in the Maples

Book review: Shamrocks in the Maples

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Shamrocks in the Maples
By Joe Lonergan
Priced $14.95
Published by Createspace

For anyone interested in Quebec and the Irish ancestry of those who live or have lived in the region, then overall this book will not disappoint.

Shamrocks_in_the_MaplesThe author, born and raised in Quebec City, like his father and grandfather before him, is of Irish stock.

The work is part genealogy, part autobiography, and completely frank. Shamrocks in the Maples is well-researched with the reader being taken on a historical and sometimes engaging personal journey of hardship, sorrow, and friendship. The author demonstrates a sense of togetherness when recalling some of the events in his life.

In places you can read between the lines where the author perhaps says too much about his past, and yet not quite enough. This is certainly true when it comes to his father, and to his involvement as an Irish Republican sympathiser.

Shamrocks in the Maples is both touching and funny at the same time. You’ll learn that a near race-riot was inadvertently caused by Lonergan back in the 40’s. You’ll witness the author’s elephantine memory in full flow with references to all of the family’s neighbours, tenants, friends and acquaintances from the Moncton Avenue area of Quebec City.

I was left with the feeling that there’s more to tell. Will there be other Shamrocks in the Maples in the future? I certainly hope so.    

Review by Andrew Greenfield

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