Book Review: Sports Nutrition – 21 Days of Menus ISBN 9781772860009

Book Review: Sports Nutrition – 21 Days of Menus ISBN 9781772860009

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Title: Sports Nutrition: 21 Days of Menus
Author: Stéphanie Côté & Philippe Grand
ISBN: 9781772860009
Price: $19.95
Publisher: Modus Vivendi

Review by Andrew Greenfield

This is a recipe book with a difference.

Dedicated to people who train on a regular basis, this book can help aspiring Olympians and fitness enthusiasts plan meals and snacks more effectively for maximum benefit.

You’ll learn how your body works, why it needs certain types of foods and nutrients at different times, and how to plan your diet effectively.

My family and I followed these recipes over 21 days. My children are very active, on the ice and in the swimming pool several times a week. They enjoyed the variety of quick and easy, healthy meals that were put in front of them.

With any athletic activity, the saying goes that you get out what you put in. Sports Nutrition certainly helps on that front.

There are recipes with carbohydrates, protein, fats, fibre and other nutrients that athletes need in order to perform better.

The chicken and beef dishes, not to mention the honey mustard arctic char, were hits.

The energy balls and chocolate puddings were favourites for post-workout treats.

You don’t have to be a top-class athlete to benefit from this book.


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