Book review: Straight Punch

Book review: Straight Punch

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Straight Punch
By Monique Polak
Priced $12.95
Published by Orca Book Publishers
ISBN 9781459803916

Straight Punch leaves quite a mark on its reader.

Tessa got in trouble one too many times for tagging, which led her to being placed in “New Directions”, a school for troubled teens with boxing as a highlight.

This scares her; violence is the last thing Tessa wants to get involved with again. Her character evolves and she learns to use boxing to her advantage. She discovers new people, who she at first refused to accept, and new reasons to fight for what’s right.

This story has a great backdrop of Montreal. The attention to detail allows the reader to feel like they’ve been there.

There is a lot going on in this book, since we are presented with multiple background stories and interesting characters. It is pieced together well, and easy to follow.

The other students have their share of past problems; it was enlightening to hear their stories, which gives a more thorough understanding of who they are today.

This is good a book showing the coming of age of a young “troubled” girl. The notion of standing up for what’s right and what matters is a great message to be sent to teens, therefore I would recommend this book to a younger audience.

All in all an enjoyable, decent and quick read.

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