Book review: The Night Canada Stood Still

Book review: The Night Canada Stood Still

LiQ_Mag_Dec_2014This book review first appeared in the December 2014 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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The Night Canada Stood Still
By Robert Wright
ISBN: 9781443409650
Price: $33.99
Published by HarperCollins Canada

October 30, 1995, the night of the Quebec sovereignty referendum, was a night like no other in Canadian history.

The author, a history professor, tells both sides of the spellbinding story behind the eloquent arguments, artful manipulation, backbiting, skulduggery, deals and counter-deals of federal and provincial politicians.

Bloc Québécois leader Lucien Bouchard’s illness, leading to the amputation of his leg and hip, and how it shook the ‘Yes’ side to the core.

Parti Québécois leader Jacques Parizeau and his relentless pursuit of a seemingly impossible dream.

Former premier Daniel Johnson pulling for the federalist side in the Quebec National Assembly.

LiQ_Mag_Abonnez-vousQuebec-born Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and his allies belatedly fighting for the federalist cause from Ottawa, having to deal with 34 MPs tabling petitions from their constituents to have French removed as one of Canada’s official languages.

One of those was Reform Party MP Stephen Harper, who was to become prime minister.

If you are interested in Canadian or Quebec politics, have moved to Quebec or will be in the future, then this needs to be at the top of your reading list.

Review by Andrew Greenfield


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