Book Review: The Prophetic Anti-Gallic Letters ISBN 9781771860918

Book Review: The Prophetic Anti-Gallic Letters ISBN 9781771860918

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Title: The Prophetic Anti-Gallic Letters – Adam Thom and the Hidden Roots of the Dominion of Canada  
Author: François Deschamps
ISBN: 9781771860918
Price: $24.95 (print)/$18.99 (ePub)
Publisher: Baraka Books

Review by Job Patstone

Is the Québec independence movement a recent phenomenon?

Could Canada have become an entirely French-speaking country?

How did the US influence the outcome of a united Canada?

François Deschamps’ recent book elaborates on these questions and on how British rule was consolidated in Canada at the expense of French influence.

Even before the American Revolution, the French-speaking Patriotes were already agitating to prevent Lower and Upper Canada from uniting. During the revolt of 1835 to 1838, thousands of Patriotes, including Scots, Irish and other non-French Canadians, rose up under Louis-Joseph Papineau in a futile attempt to prevent unification.

In The Prophetic Anti-Gallic Letters, Deschamps shows how some of Canada’s history has been forgotten or purposely omitted in order to accommodate Canada’s cultural differences.

Adam Thom, a Scotsman who was leading the British entrenchment, was out to crush the French language and cultural influence, which were expanding through Québec and western Canada at that time.

Deschamps goes into great detail describing Thom’s battle to promote the mainly English culture of the eventual Dominion of Canada over the French-speaking republic that could have been.



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