Book Review: Un texto à la fois ISBN 9782924725030

Book Review: Un texto à la fois ISBN 9782924725030

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Title: Un texto à la fois
Author: Vincent Thibault
ISBN: 9782924725030
Price: $13.95
Publisher: Carrefours Azur

Review by Simon C. Thalheim 

Have you ever asked yourself how you were going to make it through the day with 32 new e-mails, 15 unread texts and five voice mails?

A guide to productivity and efficiency might help you out here.

In Un texto à la fois, Vincent Thibault offers a plan to overcome the challenges of your daily workload through simple actions.

The idea is to review actions, even unconscious or reflexive actions, in order to evaluate their impact on your quality of life and relationships.

Thibault explores seven different distractions – text messages, phone calls, background conversations, e-mails, social media, games and television – and provides advice for dealing with the constant background noise they bring into our lives.

For example, he advises, we should “slow down and give ourselves small oases of silence, in order to bring meaning and purpose to our activities.”

Thibault describes his book as a box full of ideas and simple exercises, through which readers gain new perspectives on what a life well spent could be. I could not agree more.


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