Both parents killed and 4-year old on life support thanks to drunk driver

Both parents killed and 4-year old on life support thanks to drunk driver

Saguenay (Quebec) 4 August 2015 – It is a horrible story, and one that happens too often.

A man, Yves Martin 35, appeared in court yesterday in Saguenay (Quebec), two hours north of Quebec City, on charges of DUI, reckless driving causing death, and reckless driving causing bodily injury. A possible charge of manslaughter may be added to the list.

It all happened last Saturday on a country road when M. Martin, who was drunk at the time, decided to pass another vehicle in an illegal passing zone and met head-on with another vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

His pick-up truck smashed into a vehicle carrying Mathieu Perron, Vanessa Viger together with their 4 year old son. The two adults were declared deceased at the scene, and the four year old was rushed to hospital and is still on life-support two days later with severe head injuries. Mme Viger was also pregnant with a second child.

With his head down and suffering from some minor cuts and bruises caused from the accident, all M. Martin could say to the related family members when entering the courtroom was, I’m sorry (Je suis désolé).

The accused had a business called Pare-Brise Vision, a windshield replacement company, and had just bought a house on the street where the accident took place. M. Martin had already been stopped and accused of drunk driving on several occasions in the past.

Needless to say, the whole region of Saguenay and surrounding area are mourning the deaths, and hoping for a full recovery for the young boy.

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