Breathalysers in bars, good or bad thing?

Breathalysers in bars, good or bad thing?

As long as the Government doesn’t force bar owners to install breathalysers in their institutions the problem of driving under the influence will not be solved according to the Quebec Coroners Association.

The Government has put a tolerance limit of .08 alcohol level but doesn’t give bar patrons the tools to verify their level before hitting the road. The equipment is already available and would not cost a great deal to install. People often misjudge their alcohol level thinking their OK to drive when in reality their level could be way above .08. If there was a way to check your alcohol content before leaving a bar a lot of people probably wouldn’t even take the wheel for fear of being caught or even injuring their passengers or someone else. Just saying, “I’m OK to drive“, isn’t enough.

It’s kind of like putting a speed limit of 100k/h and not putting a speedometer in your car.

The Government spends thousands of dollars on advertising about drunk driving whereas putting breathalysers in bars would do a lot more to reduce the problem says the Association.


There are also personal breathalysers now available on the market where people can test themselves, but again it is at the cost of the individual, where as if it were available in the bar itself, more people would be able to use it.

The Quebec Road Safety Board is not all together on board with the Coroners as they think the testers may give a false impression to some drivers who think that .08 is OK when it may not be the case, as some drivers are less coherent at .08 than others.

Unfortunately the jury is out on this one and it may be a long time before the idea is acted upon, in the meantime people will have to rely on their own good judgement, which may or may not be “good”.
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