Brian Adams photo exhibit at the MNBAQ

Brian Adams photo exhibit at the MNBAQ

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 February 2015 – Starting today, February 19, the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ), will be displaying the photographic art of Bryan Adams.

Bryan Adams, a native born Canadian from Montreal, is known mostly for his musical endeavours but, has always considered photography as his favorite art, right up there with singing and song-writing.

The present exhibit, which has been making the rounds in every museum on the globe, is a little different than some, as Bryan always tries to introduce some new work into each showing.

There are photos of movie stars, singers, soldiers, models and even royalty brought to the fore-front in a delicate balance between reality and art.

The works are primarily of human beings posed in ways we wouldn’t normally see them.

The exhibit organiser, Mat Humphrey says Bryan takes his photography very seriously and gives it his 100%, just like he does with his music.

You don’t have to necessarily be interested in photography to appreciate the many artistic ways the personifications are presented on the walls of the museum; it is definitely art in its truest form.

The exhibit is shared with two other photographers – Lida Moser, an American who presents a collection of pictures she has taken in the province of Quebec, and a collection from several Quebec artistic photographers on various different subjects.

The Bryan Adams collection is on display until June 14.

The other two exhibits will run until sometime in May.

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