British Rock Group Blasts Into Quebec City

British Rock Group Blasts Into Quebec City

MarillionQuebec City was invaded and mesmerized by the British rock group Marillion, on June 18th at the Imperial Theater on St Joseph Street.

It was standing room only for the 900 avid and vociferous fans of the progressive rock style band.

The lead singer (Steve Hogarth) started the show by singing from a balcony and throwing blue roses to the ladies in the crowd. After joining the rest of the group on stage and grabbing his “cricket wicket synthesizer” he, with the band, broke into a spectacular crescendo, blasting everyone and everything into their routine repertoire bringing the old building alive with the whole crowd singing along.

The group rocked on for an hour and a half singing songs from their previous 16 disques adding some new material like the song “Power” which will appear on the soon to be released “Sounds that can’t be Made” album coming out in September.

Although Marillion uses the latest in electronic music, it was interesting to see them using some acoustic instruments like tambourines, bells and even maracas to spice things up.

The group is touring North America, South America, and Europe in 2012.

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