Broken rib for the mayor

Broken rib for the mayor

The recent return from the holidays for the mayor of Quebec City was painful to say the least. Régis Labeaume did indeed fracture a rib while falling in an icy parking lot of a business. That did not stop him from take everything with a pinch of salt…

Régis Labeaume explained that he wanted to go too fast and he fell. He also wished to specify that the accident did not occur on a city sidewalk.

For those who have never had a broken rib, it’s a pretty painful injury … especially when laughing. And that’s what happened Tuesday afternoon when the mayor spoke of “crater holes” instead of potholes, which are numerous in Quebec these days.

Speaking to the media for the first time since the beginning of the year, Régis Labeaume ruled on the closure of the Loews Le Concorde and its possible transformation into homes for independent seniors by Groupe Savoie.

For Mr. Labeaume, the ideal would be to maintain the building as a hotel property. He is also providing a last chance to find a buyer in this regard.

The mayor of Quebec however does not totally disapprove of the Savoie project and used the opportunity to disregard the remarks made last week by merchants on Grande Allée.
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