Budge cut for La Fête nationale du Québec

Budge cut for La Fête nationale du Québec

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 December 2014 – The budget slashing that the provincial government is executing these days across the board of its ministries, is about to hurt the very core of the Mouvement national des Québécois (MNQ). Minister Bolduc announced to the organizers of the La Fête nationale du Québec which takes place on the 24 of June every year that they’re going to have to tone down their celebrations by about $1 million or 20%.

La Fête nationale, also known as La St. Jean, or St. Jean Baptiste Day, has a budget of $5 million for 2015 which is up from $4.4 in 2014.

The forecast for 2016 was to be $5.5 million which had been promised by the previous Marois government, a sum which is going to have to be readjusted.

The MNQ, who organizes the June 24th events, doesn’t seem to have a problem with the cuts to its spending and are willing to work with the money they will be allotted for the 2016 celebrations.

The budget for 2015 has already been pledged and mostly spent as the committee plans these events well in advance of the actual day of partying.

It is not known how the new cuts will be distributed, whether they’ll affect the larger celebrations like Montreal and Quebec City or if they will affect more the smaller neighborhood gatherings that take place throughout the province. The MNQ will distribute the money as best they see fit so that everyone can celebrate without noticing any remarkable difference from previous years.

Bonne Fête St. Jean, everybody.

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