Businesses Having Trouble Retaining Anglophone Immigrant Employees

Businesses Having Trouble Retaining Anglophone Immigrant Employees

Not able to find qualified and bilingual workers in their own region, business from the Greater Québec Region are more than ever recruiting abroad, mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, and other Canadian provinces. Too often though, the nice catches from other countries leave fast. Unless the work and daily contact with colleagues allows the husband or wife in the couple to integrate easily in a French community, the incapacity of the other to find a job due to their insufficient knowledge of written or spoken French will be one of the main factors that make the two leave.

There is an American expression that says, “Happy wife…happy life!” It applies to many Anglophone families who come to Quebec because either the husband or wife found a job in the area. Jean-Sebastien Jolin-Gignac is the president of the Voice of the English Speaking Quebec, an organization helping professional and social integration of Anglophones who choose to move in Quebec mainly by participating in French activities and helping them find a job. Ever year, the organization helps more than 500 people.

In the past few years, Mr. Jolin-Gignac saw many Anglophone families leave because one member couldn’t find a job matching their expectations. There are sometimes problems with the recognition of certificates and diplomas. There is also a question of language. Too often, employers judge that the ability to speak French of English speakers is too weak to employ them.

There are two clienteles searching. On one side, there are the employers looking for qualified and bilingual personnel. On the other, there are qualified Anglophones looking for jobs and who want to work in Quebec but their poor ability to speak French stops them.

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