Cacouna no longer on the list for the proposed oil loading port

Cacouna no longer on the list for the proposed oil loading port

A victory for beluga whales in Québec.

Cacouna (Quebec) 7 April 2015 – The Alberta Company, Trans Canada Pipeline, has finally crossed Cacouna off their list of possible sites for a future crude oil loading dock along the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Trans Canada has been studying several possibilities along the shores of the St. Lawrence where they could construct a docking and loading port to accommodate oil tankers, and Cacouna was their first choice.

The decision was taken last week to avoid Cacouna however, because of the environmental risks involved concerning the beluga whales which frequent the area for feeding and breeding. The Beluga has been declared a protected species because its danger of extinction.

Trans Canada saw the site as being too dangerous for the belugas, as they expect a somewhat heavy traffic population of oil tankers once the port is up and running. The environmental group for the protection of the beluga whale had manifested their concern during the negotiations between the city of Cacouna and the oil company last year.

Other shoreline municipalities like Matane, St. Nicholas, Lévis-east, and even Pointe St. Denis close to La Pocatière, are still on the list as future possibilities for the proposed loading port.

The cost of building the port would be more expensive than in Cacouna but, the environmental impact would be less damaging.

The port would be part of the future pipeline running from Alberta to New Brunswick.

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