Caleche horse collapses in Old Quebec

Caleche horse collapses in Old Quebec

Horse collapses in Old Quebec as owner ensures animal is happy and well treated.

A horse collapsed Thursday night in the heart of Old Quebec and a photo posted on Facebook has led many to take pity on the beast, while his owner ensures that the animals are “happy” and treated well.

The post by Marie-Claude Magnan has already been shared thousands of times on Facebook. “Once again an exhausted horse, she wrote. How many will be killed again? Abolish the carriages in Old Quebec,” she says.

A petition has been launched on Sammy, a mare 18, is close to retirement which normally comes when they’re around 21 years old. She suffered scratched knees, but otherwise is in “perfect health”.

“The horses are not made to work such long hours in the heat, in stressful conditions. This is animal abuse, “she continues.

The Director General of Carriages Québec, Simon Mainguy, wanted to respond to these allegations.

First, he confirmed that the incident occurred Thursday night, around 10 pm, near the rue du Trésor. “The mare slipped leaving his embarkation station. She tripped. When walking, one can sometimes trip over “and it’s the same for horses -except that the shafts of both sides of the animal mean it can be difficult to recover. “Often, they expect that we free them from the saddle to get up.”

The Quebec Police confirmed the version of Mr. Mainguy. Police officers went on site and conducted a follow up.

The horse returned to the stable immediately after the accident for treatment.

The mare had started her shift four hours earlier. According to municipal regulations, a horse cannot work for more than 9 hours, when the temperature exceeds 32 ° C. A veterinarian mandated by the City of Québec inspects the horses every day to ensure that the rules are respected.

“The horses are happy,” says Mr. Mainguy, comparing their work to that of humans. “When we start to work, we are happy, and we are also happy to be back.”

The horses are trained “gradually” to do their work, starting with shorter days. “After a while, the horses are in a good physical condition,” insists Mr Mainguy.

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