Calèche Horse Escapes for a Stroll Downtown

Calèche Horse Escapes for a Stroll Downtown

Quebec City (Quebec) October 26, 2014 – Horses may be a regular sight in the Old City district, pulling along tourists in one of the city’s iconic horse-drawn carriages, but one particular horse drew a lot of attention for a few minutes yesterday afternoon as it apparently decided to go for a stroll on its own.

The animal, owned by Calèches du Vieux-Québec, was apparently left unattended for only an instant when it dashed away, its empty carriage still in tow. Remarkably, the horse then leaped over a seven-foot wall, breaking free of its carriage in the process, and was now out and about town, taking in the sights on a beautiful autumn Saturday afternoon.

Other than damages to its own carriage following its impressive leap to freedom, the horse caused no damages or injuries.  It made its way towards the lower town, likely following its habit as the horse’s stables are in the lower city and horses are walked there at the end of their daily shifts.  The animal was recaptured only a few minutes later, having suffered only minor injuries as a result of breaking free from the carriage.

It is extremely rare for calèche horses to misbehave and no explanation has been put forward by the company for the possible reasons of this horse’s escape.  Perhaps, like so many of us, this horse simply wanted to enjoy the beauty of Québec’s autumn sights on its own.

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