Calling all hockey players

Calling all hockey players

Submitted by Peter Black

A few years ago I realized I was not getting any younger. I also realized I wanted to play more hockey before I got too old. I wanted to slap on the gear, hop on the ice (fall on my butt) and shoot at a real goalie. I’m no great shakes at hockey. But I don’t care. I love to play.

So I organized a hockey gang.  I like to call it an “opportunity” league since it gives a collection of eager folks a chance to learn the game, get back into the game or simply play a game with no stress, no fights and no jerks.

We have a standing list which we divide into two teams, never exactly the same but each with a core that makes for a friendly rivalry.

Since we started up nearly 10 years ago we have welcomed all kinds: anglo and franco, men and women, young and old, hotshots and newbies, a Brit, a Californian, a Dutchman, a German,  fathers, sons, daughters, people from all walks of life.

A new season is starting up in a few weeks and we’re always interested in new recruits.

You should have some basic skills, but all you need really is a passion for the game.
We play Saturday evenings every two weeks or so at the PEPS.

If you’re interested contact me at

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