Cameras allowed in patients rooms in Quebec homes for the elderly

Cameras allowed in patients rooms in Quebec homes for the elderly

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 June 2015 – With patient abuse cases in old age care facilities on the rise across Canada the question was raised if patients or relatives of those patients could set up cameras (hidden or otherwise) in their rooms as a surveillance method, and the answer is yes.

Even in government institutions, known as CHSLD’s (centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée) in Quebec, the use of cameras is legal. The only stipulation is that the cameras do not film other members in the same room or those who may be visiting the patient or a roommate if there is one.

The cameras are legal under the citizen’s protection act and are included in article 48 of the Quebec Charter of human rights. The room in which the individual has been assigned to becomes his or her private residence consequently allowing them to install cameras or any other device which is deemed appropriate.

The case concerning cameras in patient’s rooms came up when employees questioned the practice explaining that, under article 46 of the charter of rights, employees of the state had a right to fair and reasonable working conditions.

Whether being filmed while working is fair or reasonable is up for debate and a report has been put forward to the Ministry of Health.

In the meantime a patient can set up a video surveillance system in his room whether it be a private institution or one administered by the government.

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