Cameras to be Added to Saint-Charles Cemetery

Cameras to be Added to Saint-Charles Cemetery

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 August 2015 – Cameras and lamp posts will be added to the premises of the Saint-Charles cemetery.  The decision comes following an outbreak of nocturnal vandalism of headstones in the cemetery earlier this summer.

The number and location of these security cameras is yet to be determined.  The cemetery is a non-profit organisation with limited budgets, so the final arrangement will likely be a matter of just how much money is available.  François Chapedelaine, director of the cemetery, says the final bill will likely be between 20 000$ and 40 000$, and has noted that a “good Samaritan” has offered to foot part or all of the bill.  The exact amount – as well as this anonymous contributor’s part – remains to be determined this week.

On top of security cameras, the cemetery will be investing in solar lamp posts activated by motion detectors as well as facial recognition software to try and catch any would-be vandals in the cemetery.

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