Camping with cats

Camping with cats

Some like it, some don’t.

A colony of 200 domestic stray cats is causing a lot of commotion in a campground in the Lanaudière region just north of Montreal. While some campers like to feed them, others complain that they are messy and noisy and even cause health concerns for children.

The campground in Rawdon has decided to rid itself of the cats after receiving too many complaints. For now, it’s a tug of war between cat lovers and cat haters. Some seasonal campers have left the site already and others are threatening to do so.

Some 200 hundred cats have been reported this year making the campground a haven for strays, but a disaster for the owners. The main problem is excrement and urine odour which is rampant throughout the site.


The local dog pound or SPCA has been asked to remove the cats and either, euthanize them if they are sick, or find people who want to adopt some of the animals. The idea of sterilizing the cats has also been examined but would only be a temporary solution as other cats would soon arrive on the scene.


A petition was signed by 82 campers to get rid of the cats, while some others think they should be left alone to roam.

So far the pound has captured 53 cats and is handing out fines to those people who feed them. It has been reported that some patrons are poisoning the cats themselves which the campground manager seems to be conveniently ignoring.
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