Canada’s Firearm Association Meeting in Québec City

Canada’s Firearm Association Meeting in Québec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 May 2015 – The NFA, (National Firearms Association) which could be compared to the NRA in the USA, is holding a convention in Québec City this weekend. It is the first time the organization has held their annual meeting in the province of Québec. Founded in 1978 in BC and Alberta, the NFA has branched out across Canada and has a total of 75,000 members with 10,000 of them in la belle province.

The assistant manager for the province, Claude Colgan, says he is pleased that the NFA has chosen Québec City for its meeting, stating that the number of members in Québec has increased greatly over the last few years. M. Colgan is the brother of Hélène Colgan, one of the victims from the École Polytechnique massacre which took place in Montréal in 1989. He claims that the gun laws put in place after the event were superficial and even draconian, saying that they didn’t really touch on the real problem that caused the attack.

The association, known as the ACAF (Association Canadien des Armes a Feu) in Québec, supports the ownership of firearms under certain government control, stating that firearms are part of Québec and Canada’s history and are still used for hunting, target shooting, collections, and at times for protection and it is a person’s right to be able to own a gun.

This comes just a few months after Québec’s failed attempt to force the Federal government to hand over the now-abolished gun registry two. The data concerning the old registry was also destroyed leaving Quebec to have to start the whole process all over again at a provincial level. Quebec has decided to adopt their own registry, which is meeting certain resistance from the province’s gun owners.

The association doesn’t expect any trouble from protestors at its Québec City convention.

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