Canadian Paralympic Team Wins Hockey Medal

Canadian Paralympic Team Wins Hockey Medal

319px-IPC_logo_(2004).svgThe team Canada members celebrate a hockey victory which gives them a bronze medal on March 15th.

The Paralympics team had their revenge on the Norwegians and won 3-0 in the duel for bronze in Sochi on Saturday. This was a replay of the game for third place in the Vancouver games. The Norwegians had won 2-1 and pushed back in fourth position the Canadian team, who won gold in the 2006 Turin Games.

The players who were on the team during the Vancouver Games remembered what happened and certainly did not want this to be repeated. It ends well a tournament even though the team was aiming for gold.

Unbeaten in the three first games in the first rounds of the tournament, team Canada lost 3-0 to the Americans in semi-finals on Thursday. They managed to play an excellent game against the Norwegians despite the disappointment.

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