Canadian Wineries Tony Aspler

Canadian Wineries Tony Aspler

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Canadian Wineries
By Tony Aspler
Priced $29.95
Published by Firefly Books
ISBN 9781770852440

Canadian_Wineries_AsplerCanadian wine is on the up, and according to the author, is only going to get better.
You’ll take a tour through vineyards in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.
Ice wine and ice cider are also looked at in detail.

The winemaking process is explained, together with hilling (the burying of vines during the winter months) – necessary in colder climates to preserve the grape harvest.

Wine producers in Quebec province featured include Vignoble Rivière du Chêne, Vignoble du Domaine St-Jacques, Vignoble Le Cep d’Argent, Vignoble Chapelle Ste Agnès, Vignoble Clos Saragnat, Vignoble Domaine du Ridge, Domaine Les Brome, Vignoble de l’Orpailleur, and Vignoble Sainte-Pétronille.

You’ll learn that some of the Quebec-produced reds can come across as tart on the palate, but when paired with the right foods, make for a decent drink.

Today, many wines from across Canada, British Columbia and Ontario in particular, can be found on wine lists in restaurants throughout Quebec.

How long will it be before Quebec’s offerings get equal billing?

Perhaps not too long as, according to Aspler, in 2006 in Quebec province, there were 42 producers of wines made from locally grown grapes. In 2013 there were 87.

That’s some growth, the fastest in Canada in fact.



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