Cancer misdiagnosis – patient sues for 2.8M$

Cancer misdiagnosis – patient sues for 2.8M$

A man from Quebec believed he only had months to live. He then learnt that he was not suffering from cancer, contrary to what he had been told. Marc Lafleur, 58, is now suing for $ 2.8 million against a doctor of the hopital de l’Enfant-Jésus for the misdiagnosis that cost him a kidney.

In November 2012, suspicious masses were identified in the spine and left kidney of Marc Lafleur.

Following a biopsy the following month, Dr. Robert Dubé concluded that his patient was suffering from a kidney tumor, causing chemotherapy, according to what can be read in the petition filed with the court.

A blood-oncologist would then announce to the patient that he only had between 8 months and 3 years left to live, according to the complainant’s allegations that still must be proved in court.

The chemotherapy and radiation did not result in any positive progress. Two months later, new tests finally conclude to bone lesions in the spine caused by bacteria.

Analyses of the left kidney (after it had been removed) show the presence of an oncocytoma, a benign tumor which does not require ablation.

Marc Lafleur therefore had no cancer.

“Dr. Robert Dubé made a mistake […] that kept the doctors on the wrong track, which led to the removal of Marc Lafleur’s left kidney.” wrote the plaintiff’s lawyer in the 15-page document.

For two months, Marc Lafleur and his family lived “with knowledge of imminent and certain death,” argues the request.

The patient had prepared his funeral and posted a video in which he bids farewell to his relatives.

He was depressed and lost 25 pounds. “Mr. Lafleur finds this to be a very difficult time: he is depressed and totally destroyed,” according to the lawsuit. The patient speaks of his fears for the future with the pastoral staff of the hospital.

Marc Lafleur demanded $ 1.5 million in moral damages and $ 600,000 in monetary damage.

His wife and daughter evaluate the amount they should receive at $ 730,000 for having lived with the stress and inconvenience of the misdiagnosis.

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