Candiac Family Members Owe Lives to Pet Dog

Candiac Family Members Owe Lives to Pet Dog

A Candiac family owe their lives to their pet dog, Buffy, a Yorkshire cross, aged 10-years old.

The dog’s choking sounds from smoke inhalation woke up the occupants early Saturday, October 20.

The family members were sleeping at 6 am in the morning when the fire started from one of the dining room walls.

An electronic thermostat causing a spark started everything.

Buffy is an adopted dog from the AMR shelter in Saint-Constant. Her faint choking sounds woke up the family members and they realized that there was smoke everywhere.

They cut out the power, called 911, and left the house.

The fire caused relatively limited damage as it did not spread.

The family are very happy that their dog woke them up because the smoke detectors never went off.

Afterwards, they checked their four smoke detectors and they were all defective.

It is the second case of fire in the Candiac region that the fire department has gotten involved with for the same reasons. 

The fire department confirmed that the city had already published a municipal bulletin for certain fire detectors to be recalled.

Consumers should stop using recalled products and contact Honeywell at 1.888.235.7363 to find out how to get their free replacement thermostat.

Approximately 240,837 of the recalled thermostats were sold in Canada from 2000 to 2007.
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