Capitales de Québec baseball star wins Pan-AM gold for Canada

Capitales de Québec baseball star wins Pan-AM gold for Canada

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 July 2015 – A first baseball player from Les Capitales, Quebec City’s Can-Am league baseball team, came back from the Pan-Am games in Toronto this week with a huge smile on his face and a gold medal around his neck.

Tim Smith, who claims to be near the end of his baseball career, was as proud as anyone could be to show off his gold medal at the Municipal Stadium Monday night when the Capitales took on the Trois Rivières Aigles. Tim had already won another gold medal in 2011, at the Pan-Am games in Mexico but, the one from this week was especially precious as he won it in his hometown and his home country.

He acknowledged that there are other players as good as him who play for the Capitals but said he was chosen because he knew the team well and it was important to have the same players who had already developed a team spirit within their ranks.

Two other players from Les Capitales, who played for Cuba during the Pan-Am’s, also came home with a medal, after their team took the bronze in Toronto.

Canada won gold over United States in the 10th inning when a bad pitch (error) on behalf of the Americans allowed Canada’s runner on third base to slide home giving the team a 7-6 win over their most challenging rivals.

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