Capitales de Québec thrashed at Stade municipal

Capitales de Québec thrashed at Stade municipal

Les Capitales de Québec fans enjoying a read of the latest issue of Life in Québec Magazine in between inninngs.

Quebec (Quebec) – Last night at the Stade municipal Les Capitales de Québec baseball team were taught a lesson in how to take chances when given the opportunity. The Rockland Boulders, the visiting team, took them all.

The July climate made for a pleasant summer’s evening and we were able to enjoy the game in comfort.

Hot dogs, méchoui, chips, popcorn, and a beer or two. It started off well in our opinion.

For the Friday evening crowd of just over 4,000 it went downhill from there. The home fans saw their team soundly thrashed 10-1 by the Rockland Boulders over the course of the nine innings.

The home team only managed eight hits and one point in the whole game.

We were told that we were to be treated to fireworks after every point scored by the Capitales.

Well, we did get to see one explosion, so it wasn’t all bad.

Despite the result, the Life in Québec team enjoyed the evening. We got to mingle with fans on the party deck for a couple of hours prior to the first pitch, and then hand out copies to fans at the end of the game.

All in all, we’ve gained a few thousand new readers.

Now that’s a result.

That game was the first in the series. Back again tonight at the Stade municipal for round two.
Here’s hoping the home team can fight back.

Go Caps!



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