Car pooling in Quebec

Car pooling in Quebec

Car-Pooling; Good idea / Bad idea?

There’s a lot of talk going on these days about car-pooling in Quebec City, but there are still a lot of questions being raised about the usefulness or even the criteria of it all.

The definition of car-pooling according to Webster’s is “a group of people who share the same vehicle to travel from one destination to another, either sharing the driving or not.” The question remaining is how many people should the “sharing” part include, two, three or even four, and is the driver counted as part of the pool, as there would be no pool if there were no driver.

Quebec wants to make a special lane for buses on one of its busiest arteries, known as Boulevard Henri IV, a four lane highway which would need a third lane to accommodate those buses. The rumour going around is that cars with three or more passengers would also be allowed to travel in the designated lane. It is a popular practice in the US where traffic is a major problem in most large cities. The concern on Henri IV is the amount of traffic flow that already exists on the heavily used highway during rush hours.

What’s being debated at City Hall and in Parliament is the question of how many passengers constitutes a “car-pool” vehicle. In Arizona, where I experienced this type of special lane controversy, a car needed three passengers excluding the driver to qualify, meaning there were a minimum of four people in the vehicle and there was a constant police surveillance to ensure the law was being respected.

Before any law can be drawn up the criteria will have to be examined and voted on to make it clear to all who can or can’t use a bus lane.

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